Rave Review for Red Velvet Cupcakes in ‘Style’

I am thrilled to report that my Red Velvet Cupcakes got a very good reception from the team at ‘Style’ magazine in Cambridge. As yet the E-edition for the September issue doesn’t seem to be on-line, but here is what they said in the magazine:

HOW DID IT LOOK? Like a little sugar-dusted slice of heaven. Red Velvet is, as the name suggests, a red cake: a traditional American recipe, believed to hail from the Deep South, the sponge turns bright crimson during baking. Sitting in a  red and white dotty case, the cake was crowned with a perfectly piped flourish of buttercream and finished with a red fondant rose. It was ‘almost’ too beautiful to eat…

HOW DID IT TASTE? Oooh, it was gorgeous. The ratio of cake (which was slightly chocolatey in flavour, but not overly sweet) to icing (amazingly rich and creamy) was just right. I consider myself something of a cupcake aficionado – and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better.

RATING: 5/5!

 (Extract from Style Magazine – September 2010 – Article: Confection Confessions)


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