Mini Roses On Cupcakes

I thought I include a photo of these mini roses – they are made with the same mould I use for the larger roses you see everywhere on my blog and website!

They are actually a more appropriate size for the mini cupcakes. Although it’s sometimes nice to include a couple of larger roses on the mini cupcakes, a whole boxful would be a bit overpowering, so I experimented and found I could make tiny ones just as easily with the same mould. If you would like them on your order, just ask! The cakes above were made for a party at the weekend. Unfortunately my husbnad was experimenting with a macro lens, so only one cake is in focus…


2 thoughts on “Mini Roses On Cupcakes

  1. They are all so beautiful. Where do you get your sprinkles from? You must have to buy them in bulk and I’ve looked for interesting ones like yours before and never found any.

  2. I buy sprinkles from anywhere and everywhere – supermarkets (each of the British supermarkets seems to have a different and growing range), on-line sugarcraft suppliers and my local sugarcraft shop ‘Sugar Daddy’s’ in St.Neots. If I go to another area of the UK, I always keep my eye out for something different. I use sweets sometimes as well. I don’t buy anything in bulk though, as I find small packs of sprinkles go a long way and I quickly tire of using the same thing!

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