Purple – the next big thing?

I’ve been trying to get around to putting this post on the blog for a couple of  days, but I am so busy with orders as well as trying to keep on top of homework and after school stuff, I seem to run out of time and energy!

Anyway, I made these on Monday as some samples for a bride who was looking for ‘Cadbury’s purple’ as a theme:

Anyway, she seemed highly delighted with them and ordered for her wedding next year.

Purple must be the next ‘big thing’, as I’ve had a sudden rush of purple enquiries and orders! Here I used purple foil, purple dots and plain purple cases, as well as plain white and lots of different purple flowers and sprinkles.


8 thoughts on “Purple – the next big thing?

  1. Hi there I love making cupcakes and was wondering if you would be happy to tell me what cutter or mold you use to make these fab roses
    you are very clever and I love your blog

    1. I use a silicon rose mould. These are generally available from good sugar craft stores. They can be fiddly to use though! I have recommended them to other people, who have struggled to use them. I think lots of practice and persistance are the keys to success!

  2. hi

    can you tell me how you achieved such a rich beautiful purple icing for the roses. What colours did you use to achieve.


    1. If I remember rightly I used a Squires paste colour called Violet/Grape and used a lot of it! The only problem is that it makes the sugarpaste quite soft when you use a lot of colour. I use CMC to firm up the sugar paste – your local cake decorating shop should have this on sale. The coloured sugar paste will dry to a slightly darker shade, so it’s worth remembering that when colouring it. Good Luck!

      1. ah thanks for that, (sorry if you had this a million times but computer was showing it didnt send), I have tylos and Gum Traganth at home so I can mix a bit of one of those with it.

        Its so beautiful, some people have said pink and blue makes a deep colour as well but I have wilton and sugarflair violet so will try

        thanks very much

  3. I prefer the Tylo powder. I don’t like Gum Traganth much myself, as I feel you can taste it. That might be just me! I guess you could try mixing a bright pink and navy blue to get a purple, but I don’t know if it will have the depth of colour you get with a purple food colour.

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