Child’s Ski Slope Cake

I’m no expert when it comes to novelty cakes and I usually limit my efforts to one or two cakes a year for my sons. So when we decided to book an evening of tobogganing on a dry ski slope for my son’s birthday, I thought I would try to make a ski slope cake to tie in with the theme of the evening…

I found these rather cute snowboarders, skiers and sledgers to set the scene:

I built up a mountain of vanilla cake using a tray bake tin and a small round tin. The round cake peaked nicely in a mountain-top shape and I sliced off the front of the cake to create a slope. The extra cut-off piece was used to create a bump on the slope. The whole thing was covered in sugar paste and sprinkled with icy glitter and Magic Sparkles. Royal icing was used to create piles of snow and some tiny white chocolate balls I had were used as piles of snowballs.

Anyway, the group of 8 and 9-year-old boys were very impressed by it (even if it did look a bit Christmassy for September). The rest of the cake was sent into school today, where I think it was much appreciated by his class and teachers!


3 thoughts on “Child’s Ski Slope Cake

    1. I bought them at my local cake decorating shop, so if you have one nearby, that would be the best place to try. Or you could try ebay? They are snowboarders, by the way.

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