Black, White and Pink Wedding Cupcakes

These were made on Friday for a wedding in St.Ives. They were made in either vanilla or chocolate sponge with vanilla frosting.

The vanilla sponge had bright pink frosting with white daisies/black centres.

The chocolate sponge had natural vanilla frosting with pink daisies/black and white centres. The cases were plain black and white. All of the cakes were sprinkled with glitter.

The venue looked very smart with chairs covered in white cotton covers and black organza bows and lots of bright pink flowers.

I think the cupcakes fitted the colour scheme very well. In fact black and white go with almost any other bright colour you can think of, if you are considering these colours for your wedding.

The bride and groom said:

Thank you.  We had an amazing day and the cakes looked great and went down a storm. Thank you for making them look so nice.

7 thoughts on “Black, White and Pink Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Good luck with trying out the moulds – hope you had a great holiday in the UK. Bet were glad to get back to the nice weather!

  2. What kind of glitter did you use for this? I’m making cupcakes for my friend’s wedding and she wants the kind of glitter you used here, but all I can find are the flaky glitter and bigger pieces (like heart shape).

    1. You can crush up the flakier glitters or Magic Sparkles to make them much finer and sprinkle them on sparinlgly.

    1. The tip I use doesn’t have a number. It’s a wide star shaped nozzle – that’s probabaly the best way to describe it. The flowers are made using a daisy cutter/plunger bought here in the UK.

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