Red Heart Wedding Cupcakes

These were made for an after-wedding party held in Cambridge on Saturday. The couple had got married abroad and a relative was throwing party for them.

Here they are all boxed and ready to go out to the customer early on Saturday morning. They chose Lemon Cupcakes with lemon curd filling and a lemon frosting, Red Velvet with vanilla frosting and Carrot cupcakes with orange frosting – all in a mix of red and white paper cases.

They were decorated with Love You icing plaques and hundreds of red sugar paste mini hearts.  I used these plaques on Valentine’s Day too – they come in sets of about 5 different phrases, although I used just the Love You’s here. I had the usual dilemma of matching reds (making the red sugar paste for the hearts to match the plaques) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that actually they were pretty well identical! The sugar paste always seems to dry a little darker, so an element of educated guess-work  was involved…

The customer’s comments were:

“Many thanks for the delicious cupcakes for our party on Saturday.  They went down a storm, particularly the red velvet which no one could believe or identify a particular taste but which everyone loved!”

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