Christmas Cakes 2010 – a preview

I am very conscious of the fact that I’m not posting as much on the blog as I should be…The past few days I’ve been trying to concentrate on designing my Christmas cakes and cupcakes for this year. Here are a couple of the designs which will be available to order. They won’t go on the website until the end of October, but you can pre-order if you happen to see this and want to book your slot. There are a few options available, so here goes:

CONTEMPORARY: rich fruit cake with marzipan and white sugarpaste, decorated with gold glitter holly leaves and bright pink berries, gold ribbon with narrow pink organza ribbon, presented on a gold drum:

Here are the cupcakes to match in pink and gold cases:

TRADITIONAL: rich fruit cake with white icing, green holly leaves, red berries and a red satin ribbon on a silver cake drum. Cupcakes to match in red and white cases  (shown below):

My special flavour cupcake for Christmas is going to be a moist almond cupcake with a thin layer of marzipan and sugar paste on top, which will last very well over the Christmas period. I think that’s quite important, as we all want them to keep well over several days. The decorations stay firm much longer when sitting on sugarpaste, however you can have any cupcake flavour you like, decorated as above. I can even make the holly leaves and berries  in any colour combination you like, if you are keen on having everything to match!

I am also considering offering a third choice of NORDIC – lots of red, white and snowflakes, so watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cakes 2010 – a preview

  1. Thank you! Needless to say, I haven’t managed to do the Nordic samples yet and I have another busy weekend coming up.. Still we’ll see if I can get them done.

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