75th Birthday Cake

I made this at the weekend for a 75th birthday. I was given free rein with the decoration, so I thought yellow roses would be appreciated by this lady:

This is a 10 inch Chocolate Layer Cake covered with chocolate frosting.

Here’s a close-up of all that yummy chocolate frosting….

I’m in the middle of making another cake for a special birthday, which I will photograph later – I can’t post it too early or the recipient might see it!

I’m trying to get my head round Christmas – it looks like I will be entertaining a large crowd on Christmas and Boxing Day, so I am manically writing lists  and hoping I can get lots made and put in the freezer.

I had a lovely book for my birthday called Gifts From The Kitchen and on Sunday I made 3 Stollen from the book – they were delcious – had to try one just to make sure… Unfortunately the other two were stashed in the freezer by my husband before I could photograph them! Next on the list for the store cupboard is Pear and Cranberry Chutney from Delia’s Christmas book and loads of sausage rolls with a homemade flaky pastry.

That aim I had of not setting myself too much to do has gone out of the window!


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