“Sweet” Cupcakes

This client wanted a mix of flowers, sprinkles and sweets for a 6-year-old girl’ s birthday. I used Haribo chewy hearts and rings, Lovehearts and Smarties, as well as homemade blossoms and mini flowers sprinkles, along a pink and yellow theme.

Pink vanilla frosting on vanilla cupcakes
Yellow vanilla frosting on vanilla cupcakes
Chocolate frosting on chocolate cupcakes

They hired my stand for all the cakes, so I think the children’s faces must have been a picture when presented with them. There were extra sweets left over to scatter amongst the cakes on the stand, so I expect there was a stampede for them!


One thought on ““Sweet” Cupcakes

  1. hello there..

    u really have an awesome collections of cupcakes design.. i really adore your work! i am amazed by your creations, thanks for sharing.. by the way if its ok with you, would u mind to tell me how to prepare the white / colored frosting (not the fondant)? or maybe it is Wilton’s ready-made buttercream? your frosting texture really looks nice.. i am searching for the best buttercream recipe.. thanks a lot! have a nice day 🙂

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