Chocolate and Soured Cream Bundt Cake

I made this in rather a hurry yesterday to take to a friend’s house for lunch. Originally I planned to make mini rose cakes with ganache centres (from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s book), but they didn’t turn out well. Tasted nice, but not good on the appearance front… so I decided to make one of these, forgetting how long they take to cool down. It was still warm when we ate our lunch, but probably all the more delicious for that! The recipe comes from The Grand Central Baking Book – so far I have had nothing fail from this book, so it’s high up in my estimation!

The cake contains two melted chocolates, loads of cocoa, soured cream and a full cup of fresh coffee, not that you can taste any coffee in it. The cake was very moist and dark and just to finish it off you pour ganache over the top. As you can see I did this one in a bit of a hurry…These Bundt tins make very large cakes, but between all the adults and children who came back after school, we managed to polish off a fair proportion of it.

I added a sprinkle of pink glitter over the top, just to pretty it up even more!

I am escaping on my own this weekend and going to Shropshire, so I am hoping for no snow and ice to complicate things. So there will be no cake bakiing this weekend.


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