Christmas is a-coming

I always feel like Christmas is just around the corner when I have made and hung my door wreath. Although I’m no flower arranger, I do like to have a bash at making my own!

This year I am going with a vague red and white scheme, so shiny red groups of mini baubles, red berries and snowy fir cones. I used Nordman fir, variegated holly and various other foliage, berries and flowers from the garden. Anyone in the UK will know we’ve been having a hard winter so far, so only the toughest foliage has survived the freezing weather we’ve had so far.

I made my own Christmas cake and one for a friend last weekend. My Mum has made the Xmas puddings, but I have to admit to not having got too much further with my cooking for Christmas. Or even list making! I buy all the magazines which talk about freezing ahead, but all I’ve done so far is shove a few sausage rolls in the freezer. They are not going to go far around 12 hungry people on Boxing Day – yikes, better get on and do something about it!

Still, I’ve dragged round Cambridge this morning and managed to knock most of the present-buying on the head – just need a few stocking fillers. I have to try and get a bit ahead, becasue I will be quite busy from this weekend onwards!


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