Knitted Dog Stocking Filler

This little fellow is going in the top of my youngest son’s stocking at Christmas. He doesn’ t read this, so I think I’m pretty safe posting it here pre-Christmas.

He is desperate for a Jack Russell puppy, but I’m not keen.  I daresay a hand-knitted one is not much of a substitute for the real thing, but he is rather cute!

The pattern comes from a book called ‘Best In Show’ by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. It’s full of the most lifelike miniature knitted dogs.

I am on a roll with knitted presents for Christmas – so far I have made 2 cowls, 4 scarves, a beanie and a dog. I can’t say this is an economical route to present-giving, as I usually end up giving them a knitted item on top of their usual present, but so far, all items have been much appreciated! The way my stash of wool is expanding, I could knit presents from now until next Christmas and still not make much of a dent in it!


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