Contemporary Christmas Cupcakes

It’s been rather a hectic week – end of term, trying to finish the Christmas shopping, chasing up all those ‘lost’ internet Christmas present orders, ordering turkeys and hams, making lists, my son’s birthday, putting up and decorating the tree (finally finished at about 10pm last night) and of course making and delivering cupcakes!

I made these yesterday – they are vanilla cupcakes decorated in my gold glitter and pink berry holly leaves:

I have been marzipanning fruit cakes today, making mince pies for us for Xmas (the pastry had been made and sat in the fridge for several days and I was a bit dubious about using it, but actually it is very crisp and flaky – it must like all that resting!) and I’ve done battle at Waitrose…managed to spend far too much money and I still haven’t got much for Christmas! Still, if this snow and bad weather carries on, we may have to exist on what we have. My worst dilemma is that the supermarket had totally run out of my usual unsalted butter today – I will have to try all the others tomorrow and buy in a big stock! Just the sort of mini crisis you don’t need at Christmas!


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