Ruby’s Christening Cupcakes

I was very lucky to bump into a fantastic photographer when I was setting up these christening cupcakes earlier in January. Howell Lifestyle Photography (see link on the right) had been commissioned to take photos of the day and they have very kindly sent me these wonderful photos to use on my blog! If you are searching for someone who can capture the day in modern and informal way, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website .

All of the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were in pale pink cases.

One tier of cakes were Gluten Free Chocolate cupcakes and these were identified by means of pink butterflies.

The other cakes were decorated with a mix of roses, rosebuds and blossoms in various shades of pink.

I have to say that the tower of cupcakes looked very pretty and Karen Howell did a marvellous job of photographing them.

 All of the photos on this post were taken by Howell Photography.


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