Corporate Order for Mini Cupcakes

This corporate order was delivered about a week ago, but I haven’t got around to posting photos of everything recently. I’ve had a very busy January! I think this company were celebrating a success and had ordered cupcakes for all of the staff – 120 mini and 12 large cupcakes in various flavours – Carrot , Chocolate, Lemon and Vanilla.

Mini Carrot Cupcakes

I was in a real rush to get out of the house, as delivering to Ely meant I could just about shoe-horn in a visit to the knitting shops there! Hence not too many photos taken before I left the house…

Mini vanilla cupcakes

Mini cupcakes come in boxes of 24, so I think they offer a good, more economical solution, when catering for large numbers of people. And they look incredibly pretty in the boxes! I have to say it usually cheers people up no end when they open up the boxes.

Above you can see the mixed box of large cupcakes which went with this order. These are only available when ordering a box of each flavour, as it is easy just to up the quantity and make a few extra of each flavour.


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