Princess Doll Cake

I have been wanting to have a go at one of these cakes for ages, but with two boys the chance never arose. So when a friend asked me for a one for her daughter, I jumped at the chance. Now I am not one for making novelty cakes as a matter of course, but I thought I would like to offer these on my website.

This one has a three layer dark chocolate cake under the skirt, sandwiched with chocolate frosting, but it could be any flavour. My standard colours will be pink, as shown above, but again the dress, flowers and ribbons could be in any colour.

They would be suitable for little girls birthdays, bridesmaids or even proms. The dolls come with blond or brown hair or there is an ‘Ethnic’ doll with darker skin and black hair. Sorry, there isn’t a doll for every hair colour.

I have to say that making the bodice of the dress was quite fiddly and my 9 year old son and I had a lot of laughs over my first attempts to make the sugar paste stick to her ‘form’, shall we say… Anyway, I think I’ve got it cracked now! The doll cakes will be loaded on to the website shortly and can be ordered from now onwards.


One thought on “Princess Doll Cake

  1. That is so pretty I am sure you will have lots of orders for these.
    I made a similar one for my grandaughters 5th Birthday(not as polished as yours though!!!)

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