Madagascan Vanilla Cupcakes


My brand new recipe for the March and April specials has just been loaded on the website. I have to say I am rather pleased with this recipe – it’s very light, fluffy and full of sweet vanilla. It’s an authentic American kind of cupcake rather than an anglicised version too. I might well use this recipe to replace my current vanilla cupcake. Look at that sponge – I’m quite proud of it, you can tell!

Madagascan Vanilla sponge

For general orders throughout March and April, they will come in pink and duck egg blue cases with brown spots, a ‘rose’ of vanilla frosting and pink and blue flowers. I thought I would vary the frosting on these, but you can have the usual swirl if you prefer!

These are some new cases I had to order from a new supplier, as I do believe one of my old suppliers has gone bust – can’t get any info out of them. Very annoying… they have lost my sympathy by refusing to communicate with their customers. Anyway. moan over!


 These are the Easter version of the cupcakes. They are topped with Fairtrade ‘Divine’ speckled chocolate Easter eggs. Not the cheapest on the market, but they are very pretty and go with the cases – what more could you ask!


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