Weaving Willow Hurdles

I managed to grab nearly a whole day without baking on Saturday. I had invited my brother to come and show me how to weave willow hurdles for the garden. I want to put them between the gravelled area of the patio and the borders to try to stop the birds kicking up the soil!

Anyway, due to our bad backs and my aching shoulder, we decided to make them in sections, so we could make them standing up, rather than weaving them in situ. I didn’t fancy crawling around on my hands and knees all day long!

I think I just about got the hang of all the techniques by the time the light started going, which is a good job, as we only finished half of them. I’ve got to crack on and try to do the rest this week, before the willow dries out too much!

Still, they look very good and now I know know a few techniques, I might be able to bracnh out and knock up some plant supports. I don’t think I’m quite up to making the covered seat yet, which my brother was trying to teach me how to make!


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