Red Rose Chocolate Cupcakes

These were delivered to someone celebrating  their 40th birthday at Cambridge University Press yesterday. I had no idea what a big place it is, never having had the occasion to go there before.

The request was for red roses and glitter. I used a red glitter and some red Magic Sparkles as well as a few rosebuds.

I hope they helped to make the day extra special!

I have a busy weekend coming up with a christening and two parties all on one day! So I will definitely have my work cut out… Good job one son will be away on a training weekend in The Peak District for his Duke of Edinburgh award. The other is going to the Science Festival in Cambridge, so I should have the house to myself on Saturday! All in all, I may not have time to post any photos until next week though.


4 thoughts on “Red Rose Chocolate Cupcakes

    1. I use a metal tip whch doesn’t have a number on it, but I would describe it as a large star shape with the tips curiving inwards.

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