Happy Easter Cupcakes

I’m finally back to posting on the blog after a much longer break than anticipated.  Holidays, a nasty flu-type bug and various things have got in the way! Still, I’m back now and here are a few of the Easter orders made for this weekend:

I like to keep my decorations quite simple and these speckled eggs are perfect for Easter.


 These chocolate cupcakes also went out for Easter:


 Each rose is a different shade of pastel pink, apricot, yellow  or lilac – I think they will look very pretty next to the Easter eggs.

I’m off now to plan a window display for the Royal Wedding next Friday. Our village is having a display of scarecrows and window displays on the big day, so I am doing  ‘A Royal Afternoon Tea’ in the window. Lots of baking do be done for it later in the week and lots of logistics to work out in the mean time! I did battle in Cambridge yesterday in the heat and the droves of tourists to buy some bunting and a few props, so I feel things are beginning to take shape at least.

Wishing you all a happy Easter!


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