Wedding Cake Cookies

I made these last week for my royal wedding window display. They are not the easiest things to photograph, so I think I may have to make more to get some decent photos which will warrant going on the website.

My intention is to offer them as wedding favours, so they could be bagged and tied with a pretty ribbon. These have shortbread biscuit base and are topped with a white sugar paste, ivory balls and have an edible spray pearl finish. The design can either be imprinted or raised. They could of course be made in any colour and have other decorations applied.

I have to rush off to a PTA meeting now. It’s been one of those days, with the phone ringing off the hook, so much so that I am already fully booked from Tuesday to Sunday next week!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Cookies

  1. I ‘stumbled’ across your blog and what lovely cakes you make!

    Do you happen to know of anybody in the Cambridge area that holds cupcake decorating/baking classes?

  2. I don’t know of anyone – you are the second person to ask me within the last week. I wish I had a bigger kitchen, then I could do that sort of thing from home! If I had lots of time I could probably organise running a course in a village hall or somewhere – it will have to go on my to do list! However, that said, there’s no amount of courses which will teach you to make brilliant cakes over night. I think practice is the best way and to be very accurate when measuring. I like digital scales which measure in 1g increments. Baking is supposed to be a science and having perfectionist tendencies does help!

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