New Cupcake Cases

After lots of research and testing new cases (and wasting a lot of money on  hopeless ones…), I have found a new supplier of coloured cases. I am pleased to say that all of these colours can now be included in the standard price as well!


From top left reading right, we have green, yellow, black, orange, bright blue, purple, white, pale blue, fuchsia pink, brown, pale pink and red.

I am aware I have been neglecting my blog a bit recently, but I’ve just been flat out baking and delivering the whole time. I’ve got some lovely wedding cupcake photos to load , so that will be my next post. However, I am having this evening off!


4 thoughts on “New Cupcake Cases

      1. These are all from ebay. There are numerous suppliers of the same cases, but I don’t have a manufacturer’s name. You will recognise them though, if you have a search on ebay. They are not perfect though, they do let the grease through a bit.

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