Pink Daisy Wedding Cupcakes

This is the most recent wedding cupcake tower I have made,  just a couple of days ago. The reception was held at Needhan’s Restaurant in Witchford, near Ely.

It was a confection of pink and white – all vanilla cupcakes in the regular and mini size.

There were mid pink daisies on the pale pink frosting and bright pink daisies on the natural frosting, some highlighted with a pale pink glitter.

There was also a 6″ vanilla layer cake on top, frosted all over and simply decorated with a few daisies and blossoms.

I’m hoping for a quieter week, seeing as it’s half term and I should try to do a few things with my sons. We went to Cambridge yesterday for lunch at Sticky Beaks – a very nice new cafe with healthy and homemade food, lovely bread etc. I have a list of jobs as long as my arm to try to tackle this week. Number one on the list is to make a Roman blind – we’ll see if it actually gets done…!


6 thoughts on “Pink Daisy Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Thank you so much for these Helen. They were wonderful and very yummy. Everyone loved them and they went down a treat!

    1. I get mone from ebay sellers – just make sure you go for a 5mm acrylci, not 3mm which is too flimsy!

  2. I loved you cup cake tower and cup cakes . Where did you get the tower ? Would love to know where to get one. Im in Mesa Az.

    1. I buy them from a company in the UK called Classikool. They would be expensive to ship to the USA, I daresay, but you could contact them to find out how much. There must be a manufacturer of acrylic stands nearer to you though!

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