A Pink Christening

I made these for a little girl’s christening a week or so ago. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with pink and white gerberas and pale pink rosebuds.

I used pale pink dotted, pale pink and bright fuchsia pink cases. I can’t get these bright pink ones any more so I am being careful how I sue them! They are such a good vibrant colour, so I find it really irksome that I can’t get them any more.

The client left a message on my anwserphone saying how thrilled they were with them and how everyone admired. them so much. It’s always a bit of a thrill for me to hear that!

I am planning and getting ready for a wedding and party later in the week. One order is for a rather interesting sports group, so I will post photos by the end of the week….


8 thoughts on “A Pink Christening

  1. Hi
    If it’s not a state secret could you share your buttercream recipe? Yours looks like the perfect consistency. I’ve experimented with different recipes, but they don’t look nearly as good as yours.
    Love and cupcakes, Sophie x

    1. I don’t give away the recipe I use for frosting, but most recipes I have come across seem quite similar. You need a frosting recipe rather than an English or American buttercream recipe. I think the secret is to give it a good old beating for several miniutes in a mixer!

  2. Lovely cupcakes.
    It’s hard for me to find cases that maintain the color after baking, in fact, there is no options where I live instead of the uncolored, so I have to order from USA and/or Canada, and it’s expensive, so I have to use the ones I have very carefully, I understand you how frustrating is not to have what we want.

    1. I guess we are quite lucky here, in that we can obtain most brands quite easily, but as you say, so many of them do not perform well. You think it would be easy for manufacturers to use a really greaseproof paper!

  3. I made these pink rosebuds, although i wasn’t that satisfied with them at the time! Glad to hear you like them, They are just induvidual cut petals, bulit up around a cone.

    1. I am a little outside your area unfortunately. You blog looks like a great resource for couples in your area! Shame I am not a bit closer!

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