Purple Butterfly Wedding Cupcakes

This last half-term is so hectic – I’ve had no time to blog at all. I’m conscious of the stack of photos building up with nothing done to them yet. However, a very nice comment about my blog from a friend today prompted me into trying to get something done about it!

Anyway, this was a wedding I did in June at Anstey Hall in Cambridge.

All of the cakes were lemon with lemon curd filling and lemon frosting.

Needless to say, all were decorated with mini and large purple butterflies.

The cases are purple with white butterflies and white with purple butterflies.

They wanted the top cake kept simple – it was simply frosted all over and dotted with butterflies.  They seemed very happy with the results, which is the main thing!


9 thoughts on “Purple Butterfly Wedding Cupcakes

    1. The cutter is a plunge cutter, so it cuts and embosses the pattern on to the top. I use petal paste for butterflies, so they don’t flop on the frosting!

  1. Hi I was wondering where you got the cc wrappers at? I plan on making my cc wedding tiers and really like the wrappers. Thanks.

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