Hearts and Lego Wedding Cupcakes at King’s College, Cambridge

You could hardly have picked worse weather to go and deliver cakes – the rain was torrential yesterday for what seemed like hours on end. Luckily the porters let me in through the back gates and I was able to get pretty close to the doors!

This cupcake stand was for a wedding reception in the Saltmarsh Rooms. They chose Maple and Pecan Cupcakes with maple frosting (the top cake was the same flavour) and Mocha Cupcakes with mocha frosting (strong espresso and chocolate).

The couple chose a very cute Lego cake topper, which I believe a friend of theirs made. It was certainly different and I can imagine a lot of Lego fanatics out there would love to know how to build one!

In order to complement the simplicity of the Lego, we kept the decorations to simple hearts in red and cream with red and white cases.

Even though my husband and son accompanied me on this trip and I was relieved of camera duties, it was still not easy to get good photos, because it was so dark outside. Even with the fancy new flashgun he’s splashed out on….

Here’s the topper from the other angle….

This morning I had to battle with lemming-like tourists and go in through the front entrance of Kings to fetch the stand, which meant parking in the loading bay and hoping I could dash there and back before getting a ticket (even though I was loading, my car doesn’t look like an obvious delivery van!)

From there it was a quick dash to Little Abington to fetch my son from a weekend Cubs camp. When I say every last thing was wet, I mean it, even the Harry Potter book he was reading! Just when I thought I could put my feet up…..


2 thoughts on “Hearts and Lego Wedding Cupcakes at King’s College, Cambridge

  1. Your cupcakes are so pretty! What kind of frosting do you make? It is so smooth adn fluffy looking. My icing doesn’t look that pretty.

    1. I just make my frosting from butter, icing sugar and milk plus any flavourings and whip it like mad in the mixer!

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