Fruit Tartlets

At the same wedding as below, they had some of these tartlets to hand out to guests with afternoon tea.

These shown above were filled with a homemade lemon curd, made to a different recipe – it had loads of egg yolks, juice and rind, so was very rich and tangy.

These were filled with a Lime Curd, made to a similar recipe. They are only very slightly different in colour – just the natural colour of the juice and rind here. Both lemon and lime tartlets were topped with blueberries.

In addition there were dark chocolate ganache and strawberry tartlets.

Initially I had wanted to top them with raspberries, but my local grower says the season has ended unusually early this year. I suppose it must be due to weather conditions. I couldn’t find any decent ones in the supermarkets, so decided to use the local strawberries, which are still going strong!

I think the strawberries looked nice and would have tasted very good with the ganache – I didn’t get to try one.  I’m supposed to be dieting, so it’s probably a good job!



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