18th Birthday Celebration Cupcakes

I am finally back at work – it’s taking me a while to build up to full speed! It’s not so easy, what with having kids around in the summer holidays, but as of yesterday I need to change up a gear, as I have two weddings this weekend, amongst other orders.

These chocolate and strawberry cupcakes were made yesterday for someone’s 18th birthday celebration at Alton Towers, so they had to travel quite a way. Hope they made it in one piece!

The chocolate cakes were decorated with various chocolate sprinkles – chocolate spaghetti, white chocolate stars, chocolate balls and chocolate chunks (all for a chocolate fiend!).

The photos aren’t as clear as they could be. My husband left the camera on some funny setting, which I didn’t notice, as I am very much a point, press and hope for the best type of photographer!

I left the hulls on the strawberries on these cakes, as the local strawberries are so juicy, I thought the juice might run all over the cakes on their way to Alton Towers.

I think these strawberry cupcakes looked especially good yesterday. The local strawberries are still going strong, which is good news, as I have 140+ of these little beauties to make for a christening next Sunday…

However, they will be disappearing from the specials page on the website shortly, as it’s time for some autumn flavours – I’m thinking ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin etc for September and October… the ginger cupcakes are sitting on my dining table as I write, waiting to be photographed. No-one is allowed to touch them, until decent photos are bagged – you can imagine two boys hovering around them, wondering just when is their Dad going to photograph them!


6 thoughts on “18th Birthday Celebration Cupcakes

  1. Beautiful cupcakes! I love baking (and yes…eating them as well!) and love anything and everything to do with chocolate.

    Did you make those white chocolate stars or did you buy them? If bought do you mind sharing where you bought them?? Thanks!

    1. I think I bought the white chcolate stars in a packet of sprinkles from a British supermarket. However, i can’t remember which one! I tend to buy them from supermarkets, cake decorating shops or online, whenever I happen to see something i like the look of!

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