Cookie Mixes In Jars

Today I have taken some of these Carrot Cupcakes down to Elsworth Shop, so if you are local, they are there to be snapped up! Enjoy – we had some last night and they were rather nice. It’s not often that I am tempted to eat a cupcake these days, but this was very persuasive…


Carrot Cupcakes with orange frosting and chopped pecans

You will also find some of my Cookie Mixes In a Jar at the shop. I delivered Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry, Cranberry and White Chocolate and Strawberry, Almond and Dark Chocolate mixes. Each jar makes 18 large cookies and you get a nice reusable jar into the bargain! They make a lovely gift for someone, as they keep for several months and they can make them up whenever they want to. They are also very easy to make, so you don’t have to be a budding Nigella to make successful cookies!

Cookie Mixes In A Jar

5 thoughts on “Cookie Mixes In Jars

  1. The cupcakes looks so pretty with the pecans. And the jars…lovely, perfect as a present. Did you put inside all ingredients needed for the cookies, except butter and eggs?

    1. I layer up all the dry ingredients and then the purchaser adds butter, eggs etc. Full instructions are attached, of course!

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