Bag Of Popcorn Birthday Cake

I usually run a mile when someone asks for a novelty cake, as it is not my forte, but once a year I give in to try to conjure up something to suit the theme of my youngest son’s birthday party.

This year was a movie themed party, so I got it into my head it would be easy to make a red and white striped rectangular bag of popcorn. It wasn’t. Easy, that is.

As you can see, the icing sagged a little. I made a sponge recipe which is very nice to eat, but a bit lightweight to hold up all that icing and frosting! So it ended up looking a little less than rectangular… And it was hot and humid, which made the icing a devil to work with.

Still, the birthday boy was chuffed with it. Only on reflection did I realise the popcorn was probably a major fire hazard and that we would all get showered in flying popcorn when the candles were blown out!

I have never forgotten what my cookery teacher wrote on my report when I was 12 – ‘Don’t worry, Helen, all cooks have disasters.’ At least the annual ordeal is over and hopefully no more disasters this year!



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