Yarn Bowl

One of my interests outside the world of baking is knitting. I’m like a kid in a candy store when faced with a wall full of yarns. It’s a very addictive habit!

This will be a much used addition to my array of knitting paraphernalia – a lovely yarn bowl made for me for Christmas by my brother and his partner. It stops the yarn from getting all knotted up, in case you were wondering…

Hand made and polished to a very smooth finish. I’m not sure which wood it is made from. Must find out! It was much admired by my knitting friends at my Knit Lit group last night.

 I’m quite proud of myself for sorting out my stash over the New Year. I catalogued everything in a book with swatches, ripped out all projects which would never be finished and have set myself the task of finishing those projects I kept and finding patterns for all the other stuff. Quite a task, but I have already finished off one cardigan started two years ago, so progress has been made!


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