Baby Shower Mini Cupcakes

I made these last weekend for a baby shower in Cambridge.

These are lemon cupcakes in mini pale blue and white dotty cases. The theme was pale blue with little hints of gold here and there, so I added in some blossoms dusted with gold lustre and some gold Magic Sparkles.

The cakes with pale blue frosting and blue flowers are vanilla in plain white cases. These demonstrate how butter affects the colour of the frosting, as the same colour us used for the flowers and frosting here!

Finally there was a box of mini chocolate cupcakes in gold foil cases decorated with mini chocolate cigars, mini marshmallows, candy coated chocolate drops and

gold Magic Sparkles.

 Mini cupcakes are very popular after Christmas. Not only do they feed more people, but are gentler on the waistline too!

The client very kindly sent me her feedback:

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the  gorgeous mini cupcakes. They were the runaway hit of our baby shower/birthday party, and compliments went out to the baker and designer!

I will be sending your name and company information out to any  friends or family members who are looking for sweet treats for  their future parties, and I myself will definitely contact you again in the coming months when my baby boy is here and relatives start turning up by the gazillions!”


5 thoughts on “Baby Shower Mini Cupcakes

  1. Hello love your blog and the look of your cakes and sorry to use this space to ask if you have some info. In some of your posts you mention the amazing paperwhite flowers – I did a wonderful wreath making course with them last year at the old bridge hotel in huntingdon and i know they still do their flowers. I’m getting married this year and would really love to ask them if they would do the flowers but can’t find details for them anywhere online and the hotel say they don’t have their number. I just wondered if you knew what their website is, if they have one, or if you have any contact details you think they would be happy for you to share with me? Seriously consIdering cupcakes for the do too, that’s next on my list and you could be just the person!

    1. I know she has changed the business name, so i will get all the details and forward them to you, once I have them. Just let me know if you would like cupcakes!

  2. Helen, if you would like to contact me via the contact form on my website, I will send you the phone numbers. Don’t want to leave private phone numbers here for obvious reasons!

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