New Cupcake Cases

I now have some new coloured cases in stock. All of these are classed as my standard colours and included in the cupcake prices.

Here are the new colours:

Top row: Lime Green and Burgundy

Bottom Row: Navy and Ivory

I have needed all of these colours in the past, particularly the burgundy and ivory for weddings,, and now luckily the manufacturer is making them.

This photo shows all the standard case colours:

Top Row: Brown, Baby Blue, Ivory, Mid Pink, Red

Middle Row: Purple, Bright Blue, Lime Green, Pale Pink, Yellow

Bottom Row: Black, Navy, Mid Green, Burgundy, Orange

And of course there is good old white available, but not shown here.

Here are the mini cases which are included in the standard price:

Top Row: White

Middle Row: Pastels: Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Pale Yellow, Pale Green, Pale Peach

Bottom Row: Brights: Navy, Bright Pink, Yellow, Green,  Red.


There are of course a million other patterned and foil cases available to order, should you wish to use them on your order!


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