Strawberry Christening Cupcakes

As promised yesterday, here are some photos of the christening I did on Sunday.

This client was keen to have strawberries for the adults and dolly mixtures for the children.

The strawberry cupcakes consist of vanilla sponge, a strawberry conserve filling, a strawberry frosting and a fresh strawberry on top.

The sweet mini cupcakes are just good old vanilla with vanilla frosting.

And here is the final stand. Not the best of photos due to the shadows and a useless photographer (me!). I thought it looked really pretty and inviting and would look good at a wedding, summer party or indeed a christening!

The client said “Just wanted to say that the cakes were very much enjoyed yesterday and were all wolfed down whilst we were there! Everyone was saying how nice they were.”


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Christening Cupcakes

    1. I’m afraid the frosting recipe is one I keep close to my chest! I don’t think there’s any great secret though, apart from beating it like mad in a freestanding mixer until it looks really light and whipped.

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