Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake with Large Daisies

Here is a rather yummy-looking coffee and walnut cake I made for a friend’s 40th birthday last week. Her husband did not think she would want to be reminded of her 40th by having the number 40 plastered all over, so I decided to have a play around and make something different for a change!

These large daisies were cut out using a plunger cutter, then curled with a tool and set in a cup to dry. The centres are large balls of yellow icing dusted with ‘flower pollen’.

For a first attempt, I don’t think they are too bad!

I think I remember her saying she doesn’t like too much frosting, so I opted for an espresso-flavoured fondant icing on the top. Looks nice – I just hope it tasted nice too! I really fancied a slice of it myself, so I got my youngest son and husband to make me a coffee and walnut cake for Mother’s Day. Husband overdid the espresso in the icing though – it was enough to give you the jitters!


3 thoughts on “Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake with Large Daisies

    1. Thank you! I like to keep trying new things. Had a look at your blog and it looks really interesting!

      1. Thanks! It’s just nice to have a place to compile everything I love about Afternoon Tea in one place, like my own encyclopedia of tea rooms 🙂
        Although if I had the talent to cook cakes like the above at home I probably would never leave the house 🙂

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