Easter Simnel Cake and Rubber Duckies!

Well, I bet you wondered what you were going to see from that title…! First of all, a bit rough round the edges, is my Simnel Cake for Easter. This is just going to be eaten at home, so does not need to be totally perfect! A traditional Simnel cake using Mary Berry’s recipe – that is a light fruit cake flavoured with lemon and some ground almonds, toasted marzipan on the top and 11 apostles (balls of marzipan to the uninitiated)

and few more modern Easter adornments on top:

Then here is another Easter-like offering. These were actually ordered by a plumber as a thank-you to his client (I wish I could find a plumber like that!). His logo is a rubber duck, so he wanted that included on the cupcakes:

How cute are they???

I just happened to have the sprinkles in stock, which pick up the blue, yellow and orange perfectly. These ducklings would also be great to welcome a new baby, for a baby shower or even for a fun christening.

Happy Easter everyone!


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