New Vintage Cake Stand Hire

This is my latest obsession – putting together old plates, tea plates and cups to make cake stands. I actually bought the first one from someone else, but decided it would be great to be able to hire these out when you buy your cupcakes. People are often looking for smaller stands for a dozen or so cupcakes and seeing as anything vintage and inspired by afternoon tea is all the rage, I thought that these may be a good idea!

Here’s the first one – in blues, pinks, golds:

The quirky little cups on top can be filled with sweets, chocolates, truffles or even sugar cubes to have with your tea. Seeing as it’s Easter, mine is all ready and waiting for tea on Easter Sunday:

The beauty is that I can store them flat and mix and match all the different patterns and colours to suit your order or colour scheme.

Here’s another combination in greens, pinks and golds.

and a 4 tiered option again in pinks, greens and golds. They can come in anything from 2 to 4 tiers depending on your requirements.

Here’s a 4 tiered colour scheme in blues, yellows and pinks.

I can hire just one with a dozen cupcakes up to as many as you would need to have one on every table at a vintage themed wedding.

Do contact me for details if you are interested.


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