More Vintage China For Cake Plates

I have been to every local antique and charity shop lately in my search for vintage china, but the best stuff so far has come from good old ebay. A large order turned up today. I am just waiting for the fittings to arrive and cake plate assembly can begin!

 The pale blue Colclough is my favourite and I’m not sure I want to drill a hole in it! Might just keep it to look at…

I seem to go for lots of pinks, golds and blues, but then I see something in yellow or green and I want that too… That’s the beauty of vintage – you can mix it up as much as you like!

I’m hoping to go to a car boot on Sunday, if I can get up early enough, not that I’m sure I really need too much more china at the moment! I have a party to cater for on Saturday and will have to collect the stand on Sunday – I’m just wondering if I can get up early enough to do a quick tour of the car boot first?

I have wedding couples expressing an interest in taking the vintage cake stands already, so need to make sure I have plenty of choice available.

If I end up with a surplus and can find some room to store it all, I may even put together enough to make up a mismatch afternoon tea service  and hire it out with cake orders for afternoon tea events – I have to say this stuff is very addictive.

This is my favourite though – I love all Colclough. This is particularly pretty, but so many of their designs are. I’m not sure I could limit myself to collecting just one design.

This is a peach and brown Salisbury design.

Crown Regent gold and cream design.

Queen Anne milk jug, sugar bowl and trio.

And a very pretty Clive gold cup and pale pink, ivory and gold saucer and plate. Photos of cake plates will follow soon.


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