English Rose Piping

Here are some more of the cupcakes with English Rose Piping:

This order shows some of the new flower cutters I have been using:

The larger mauve flower was made with the new blossom cutter. They are larger than the blossom cutters I have been using (smaller mauve flower). The cutters leave a veined impression as well as shaping the flower.

The bottom row also shows the hydrangea cutter – same sort of cutter which shapes and imprints veins.

With this sort of piping I think you are best having one or just a couple of small flowers to one side, so you don’t detract from the pretty piping too much. The client phoned to say they were thrilled to bits with the order, which is always nice to hear!


3 thoughts on “English Rose Piping

    1. I think they are made by Orchard Products. They are a bit pricy, so maybe not worth the cost for the odd flower here and there, but if you make a lot like me, then the price isn’t so bad. I bought mine from an ebay shop.

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