Handbags and Shoes Cupcake Tower

I made this cupcake tower a couple of weeks ago for a 40th birthday party. The lady in question loves shoes and handbags, so we went with that as a theme.

Everything was in black, silver or white and red.

I had a bit of nightmare and lost my original handbag and shoe cutters, which meant that I had to dash to my local shop (Sugar Daddy’s in St. Neots) and buy some more. Luckily for me they had some in stock and actually they worked better than my original ones. I still haven’t found the originals – I have no idea where they can be!

I used 100’s and 1000’s in red, white and black, blossoms in all colours with a silver ball centre, number 40’s  and then I used cutters to add lots of different handbags and shoes. The white decorations were sprayed with an edible silver lustre, which actually makes them look pearly white, not silver. Still, I like it better that way.

There were chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cupcakes and mini cupcakes on the stand.

The cases were all foil. The mini cupcakes were actually made in what is more of a petit-four sized case, but they worked well and fitted in with the colour scheme well. The little girls who watched me set it up were desperate to try one, so I’m not sure if they all lasted until the party started!


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