Jubilee and Olympics Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

the sweet kitchen – Jubilee Cupcakes

Here they are at last! I have been meaning to make and photograph these cupcakes for some time now, but it was pushed to the top of my ‘To Do List’ by a request for photographs by The Cambridgeshire Journal. Here in Hilton, we are having a weekend full of all sorts of events to celebrate The Jubilee and The Cambridgeshire Journal is going to feature us in print. I am contributing a few hundred mini cupcakes to the event, so the organising committee asked me for some photos to use in the magazine.

The organising committee, headed up by a very loyal fan of my cupcakes, has really gone to town and there will be an outdoor theatre (a performance of The Twits by Roald Dahl), an afternoon tea by the WI, even a fly past by the Lancaster’s! This will be extra special for us as my husband’s father was a rear gunner in a Lancaster in WW2 and, as a rear gunner, was quite lucky to survive the war by all accounts!

Anyway, here are some photos of my Jubilee cupcakes, both regular and mini sizes. I have lots of different decorations for them – red white and blue non-pareils and sprinkles, gold crowns,

blossoms and petunias to signify all the hanging baskets and pots which will surely be on display this summer, roses in red, white and blue ( to signify the English rose of course)’

Union Jack umbrellas (no, it is NOT going to rain)

and some cute flags with the British Lion, corgis etc. The larger cupcakes are in red and blue cases with a crown design on them. The minis are in Union Jack cases. Both sizes can also have red, white and blue cases added in as well.

I will amend the decorations to make them suitable for The Olympics (team GB and Union Jacks to replace the crowns and flags) and red, white and blue cases to replace the crown cases. I will also be making 4th July Cupcakes with red, white and blue stars and some other decorations to be revealed later!

I should say that I am already jam-packed with orders for the weekend of 2nd June, but may be able to accommodate your orders either side of that weekend.

Anyway, hope you like them!


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