Something New – Square Cupcakes

I bought these card cases at my local cake decorating shop, just to try something different. I assume they are really meant for muffins, but I thought I would try them with cupcakes.

They are a very pretty soft red. They only had this colour in my local shop and I think this make only comes in the one colour. Very Cath Kidston (although not made by them). Having checked on the internet, there are several different makes and patterns available, if you are interested in ordering them.

We had some impromptu visitors a couple of weeks ago, so I knocked up some vanilla cupcake mix and topped them with a simple vanilla fondant icing, some sprinkles and some of the new flowers I have been making recently. The primrose coloured flower above is a petunia.

They do take a fraction more to fill than a standard cupcake case and are definitely not the easiest things to get into (there is no pretty way to open them – you just have to tear the card wrapper off!).

If you would like to try them with an order, just let me know. I think they would nice with a lemon curd filling, lemon sponge and either a lemon icing or frosting too. It would be interesting to see what you think – do you like the look of them?


2 thoughts on “Something New – Square Cupcakes

  1. I love these square cupcakes!!!!…..They are beautiful, and the little cases are quite nice!!! ♥☺♥.

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