Mini Summer Fruit Cupcakes

I have recently had lots of interest in the new range of Summer Fruit cupcakes, so here are some images of some of the mini versions. Somewhere I read that micro food was one of the latest food trends, so mini cupcakes are right on trend for a dessert or just a small treat.

Here are a couple of the flavours of Mini Summer Fruit cupcakes, which were delivered this morning to Cambridge:

Firstly, a box of mini raspberry cupcakes – the frosting is made with fresh raspberries and there are fresh berries on top to decorate. These were delivered to a student at Gonville and Caius College. The raspberries are British, but our local raspberries are not ready yet. Possibly a couple more weeks and they will be ready. This grey weather isn’t helping!

And here is a very cute Mini Apple Cinnamon Crumble Cupcake. The sponge is made with English Bramley apples, soft brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves, topped with a cinnamon frosting and crunchy crumble.

Here they are lined up in the box, ready to go to a loyal customer in Cambridge!

I have just recieved some feedback on the Apple Crumble Cupcakes:

“Thanks Helen – I’ve already had a super-appreciative email from Bidwells, with one of L’s colleagues saying “these are the best cupcakes I have ever tasted!”.


Here’s a box of the Mini Strawberry Cupcakes, which were made for a party at the weekend. The local strawberries can be huge, but for these minis I tried to pick the smallest ones! I didn’t want to hull or cut the strawberries, as the local strawberries are so juicy (a very good thing when you are eating them), they may have dribbled juice everywhere! They were for a little girl’s Hansel and Gretel party, so looking large than life was probably a good thing in this case!

These are the Mini Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble cupcakes – filled with rhubarb and ginger conserve, a frosting flavoured with rhubarb and ginger puree and a gingery crumble sprinkled over. These were taken to a student at a Cambridge College a few days ago.

I have yet to photograph the blackcurrant and elderflower cupcakes, but I think these will come to the fore later in the summer. I may well introduce some more fruity flavours, as they seem to capture the summer mood very well!


4 thoughts on “Mini Summer Fruit Cupcakes

  1. I loved your mini summer fruit cupcakes!!!…..They are the face of Summer, that arrived few days ago.♥☺♥

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