Healthy Summer Cupcakes at Newnham College, Cambridge

In my humble opinion, this was one of the best looking wedding stands of the summer…

The couple was looking for healthy cupcakes to follow their healthy eating philosophy as closely as possible. They also wanted them to tie in with an English summer garden party theme.

We decided on fruit, vegetable and nut based cupcakes using as little sugar and fat as possible and organic, locally sourced products where possible.

These were the Dark Chocolate and Beetroot cupcakes with a dark chocolate and agave syrup topping, decorated with chopped pistachios and raspberries. The cakes were dark, moist and sticky, almost like a brownie. They were in a burgundy coloured case to pick up the raspberry colour.

Here are the Carrot Cupcakes with a low-fat quark frosting, flavoured with freshly zested orange, topped with redcurrants and chopped walnuts.

And finally Vanilla Courgette Cupcakes with a low-fat vanilla Quark frosting, topped with blueberries and chopped toasted hazelnuts. Navy cases to match the blueberries.

In all cases the moistness was provided by the grated vegetables. I really liked the way they looked – very fresh and appetising. They may not be completely healthy, but they are about as healthy as a cupcake can be and still be enjoyable!


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