My Birthday Cake and Flowers…

I tried to avoid making my own birthday cake, but spent so much time looking around at patisseries and websites, I decided I might save more time by making my own! In the end, I thought, if I’ve got to make one, then it’s going to be different to what I usually make. Unfortunately if I show the photos, there is no hiding the fact I have a milestone birthday this year…

It was a triple layer, dark chocolate truffle cake, sandwiched with orange curd and dark chocolate ganache, then covered with a chocolate orange glacage. This is a ganache with liquid glucose, which stays shiny. It was the first time I had made it, but it seemed to work well. I made lots of marbled maple leaves in oranges, pinks and golds to decorate the sides. The lovely turned wooden cake stand was made for my birthday by Jane Moller – I’ve already forgotten which wood it was, olive ash for the top I think!

I quite like these pretty diamante decorations, even if I don’t like being that number!

We don’t seem to have taken many photos, but here are my flower decorations. Three pumpkins scooped out and used as containers. They were filled with an array of orange, pink and lime green flowers with red ilex berries, blue eryngium and an  array of greenery and the last flowers of the year from my garden. My Mum did all the arrangements, as she is much more talented than me at flower-arranging!

I have just about cleared all the debris from my party and now it’s back down to earth. Although I am making an order for an event at Rigby and Peller in Cambridge tomorrow, which is rather nice. I will endeavour to post photos asap. It is my eternal wish to have more time to post more photos!


3 thoughts on “My Birthday Cake and Flowers…

  1. Happy Birthday!!!…..Many happy returns of the day!!!
    My congratulations for your marvellous birthday cake, and flower decorations. Your mother is an artist in flower- arrangements!!!
    ♥ ☺ ♥

    1. Thank you to both of you. My Mum has been flower arranging all her life. Unfortunately that skill never really passed on to me! I know what I want, but can’t quite make it happen!

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