New! Baking Lessons 2013

I was asked before Christmas to supply baking lessons for a 10 year old, a Christmas present from her  Mum and Dad, and yesterday was the first lesson! We began with all-in-one cupcakes, frosting and decorations with lots of talking about equipment, techniques and tips in between. One of the first hurdles to overcome was to figure out their oven. All ovens differ and theirs cooked very hot, so we reduced the temperature right down to 140C and luckily that seemed to work. For the first time she was able to produce nicely rounded cupcakes instead of very pointed ones. So we were all delighted with that!


Now Lydia has already been baking for a while, even though she’s only 10, so she knew her way around the kitchen. I took all of my own equipment and ingredients,  so we could talk about digital scales and the need for accuracy, different mixers and the techniques/equipment I use to produce my cakes. I think I surprised Lydia by how long she had to beat the frosting for! We talked about professional colours and all the equipment needed to produce sugar paste flowers and decorations. I also took along a large range of sprinkles and glitters, so she could see what else was available on the market. I think Lydia’s eyes really lit up when it came to the decorating, as she could really use her creative side!


We talked about different ways of applying the frosting by hand or piping. Now even most adults find piping a challenge to begin with, but like anything, practice makes perfect!


I think she enjoyed seeing everything I use, although I have a feeling she may be presenting her Mum with a long wish-list now…


Anyway, I really enjoyed our first lesson. Next time we are moving on to a Victoria sponge, so she can perfect the folding-in technique.

If you would like baking lessons, do contact me. I come to your home with all the equipment and ingredients, as I think it’s important you use you own oven and get used to its foibles. If I teach a child, then a parent needs to be present too, of course. It takes about 2 hours to produce the cupcakes above, as we do a lot of talking about cakes in between! I can teach anything you would like to learn to do with baking. One to one is best, but I could teach two people at once, if you have the room in your kitchen. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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