New! Mini Layer Cakes

Another new addition to my repertoire in 2013 will be these mini layer cakes. These are made from chocolate sponge with a pale pink vanilla frosting and topped with a peachy-pink rose. The roses are made using an easy method, to try to keep time spent on them to a minimum. They would lovely at any party, wedding or afternoon tea, don’t you think?


They will be offered in everything from a Victoria sponge to carrot and red velvet cake, basically all the cupcake flavours, plus anything else you fancy. Any combination of sponge and filling is possible, plus any decorations you like, or they can be left plain or simply dusted with icing sugar and a stencil.1DSC_3844web

Here you can see how elegant they look on the wedding stand.

1DSC_3847webI will be loading these new mini layer cakes to my web site soon, as soon as I have made samples of the other new products I want to include. They will be on a new page, which will be unveiled shortly…but hopefully it will be an exciting new addition to the web site!


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