Butterfly Cupcakes at The Varsity Hotel, Cambridge

Here’s one of the weddings from September 2012, which I haven’t yet featured on the blog. This one was held at The Varsity Hotel in Cambridge. I have just a few photos, as the concierge was kindly keeping an eye on my car parked on double yellow lines at the time… One of the hazards of setting up wedding cakes in central Cambridge – they don’t always have a car park!

The theme was pale coral and lilac butterflies and blossoms.


The cupcakes all had rose piped frosting with blossoms and butterflies to one side.


The very pretty cases come in a two-tone pack, so you get coral on white and white on coral. There are also other colourways available.


The top cake was covered with frosting and swirled with a palette knife. The couple had arranged to have the flowers left at the reception for me to place on the top.  1DSC_2624web

Lots more weddings to come – I am trying to get up to speed and at least feature all the new stuff! Life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it?!


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