Autumn Wedding Cupcakes at Madingley Hall


This was a really stunning cupcake tower featuring autumnal coloured cases with flowers and marbled maple leaves to decorate. The wedding was held at Madingley Hall near Cambridge.


The couple provided the ‘Keep Calm And Eat A Cupcake’ sign, as well as the handmade cake topper. They met whilst rowing at Cambridge, so the topper shows them seated in a rowing boat!


There was a fair old number of cupcakes here, around 150 if I remember rightly and they certainly made a great visual impact, as well as perfuming the air around with vanilla, orange, lemon and maple syrup…


Here’s a close up of the cute topper… 1DSC_2961web

For those of you interested in ordering a large number of cupcakes, this photo demonstrates how I arrange a large number of cakes around the base of the stand. I think this looks particularly attractive.1DSC_2947web


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