Here’s something new for your Christmas celebrations – a Christmas Wreath Ring cake.


It can be made in any flavour, although this one is an almond sponge, filled with apricot conserve and covered with frosting. It can easily be made in your favourite flavour and can as plain or elaborate as you like!


If you live nearby and want to order one for Christmas, don’t delay, as delivery slots will be limited.

And just to get you in the Christmas mood, these favourites can also be ordered:

the sweet kitchen Tree, Snowflake and Robin Cupcakes

Robin, Tree and Snowflake iced cupcakes.


Snowy Mountain cupcakes – any flavour sponge topped with frosting, white chocolate shards and snowflakes. These were Vanilla, Fresh Cranberry and White Chocolate.

thes weeet kitchen's Alpine Christmas Cupcakes 2011

Alpine Iced Cupcakes featuring reindeer, robins, snowflakes, trees and snowmen.


A Fir Tree Bundt cake, again in any flavour. This one was Fresh Cranberry and Orange.

Traditional Christmas Cupcake
Traditional Christmas Cupcake

And everyone’s favourite – simple and traditional cupcakes decorated with holly leaves. These are vanilla, but again you can order them in any flavour. My only stipulation is a minimum of 12 of one flavour.


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    1. Thank you – I thought I wouldn’t even try apologising for having been absent for so long! Too much else to do usually!

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